Kathy Dunderdale has become the first serving premier to run in the annual Tely 10 road race through the St. John's area.


Kathy Dunderdale has lost almost 100 pounds since she adopted a healthier lifestyle last year. ((CBC) )

"I just feel great," said Dunderdale, shortly after she posted a time of one hour and 49 minutes Sunday for the 10-mile road race between Paradise and Bannerman Park in St. John's.

Dunderdale, who has shed almost 100 pounds since launching a healthier regimen last year, said exercise has been key.

"You know, I just want to say to everyone there is no right time to do this. Taking care of your own health and your own personal life is just as important as anything you're going to do," Dunderdale said.

Dunderdale said she's determined to keep up her fitness routine. She takes her sneakers wherever she goes.

Paradise runner Colin Fewer took his seventh consecutive win in the Tely 10 race, posting a time of 51:19.

Organizers said this year's race attracted a record registration of 3,050. Fewer said there's always room for more people to take up running.

"The hardest thing is to take that first step and get started," Fewer said.

"Those first steps out the door can really get you going, and I've never had a run where I've come back and said I wish I didn't run."

The 84th Tely 10 was marked by rain, fog and a strong headwind.

Kate Vaughn, the first woman to cross the finish line for the second year in a row, said a great deal of preparation led to her success.

"We do lots of running and lots of training all year and then this week we tapered a bit and took down our volume," she said. "This week, we try to mentally prepare to get ready and get lots of sleep."