Finance Minister Tom Marshall is not giving any firm dates for the construction of a new hospital in Corner Brook.

The project was announced in 2009, and land was cleared at the site last year.

The MHA for Humber East said the provincial government announced in October that Stantec was hired to finish the program work on the project, which will outline the specific needs for the hospital.

Once that's completed, Marshall said an architect will work on the design of the healthcare facility.

"I know it doesn't happen as quickly as people would like," he said. "But we have to do it properly."

"If we make a mistake in this one given the cost, the cost of corrections will be very, very high. There's a big emphasis here that this project is so huge, it's going to cost a lot of money, and we have an obligation to the people of western Newfoundland to make sure we get it right and do it properly."

While Marshall would not give any dates pertaining to the work, he did say Stantec officials were in Corner Brook recently to meet with representatives from Western Health.