A pregnant woman from Nain says a health policy that allows her free travel to a hospital to deliver her baby should also include her boyfriend.

Kelly Edmunds, like all pregnant women from Nain, had to fly out to Happy Valley-Goose Bay a month before her due date. 

Edmunds said the Nunatsiavut government covers the cost for a support person to accompany someone requiring surgery, and it should be the same for expectant mothers.

Edmunds' boyfriend had to pay his own fare to accompany her on the trip.

"He had to pay his way [and] just getting from Nain to Goose Bay alone is crazy expensive, and we didn't know how we were going to pay for it," she said.

"Going out to have a baby is a big thing — anything can happen, especially for first-time mothers who don't know what to expect. It's hard, and stressful on a mother. You can lose blood, you can have a C-section, go into surgery, and you need people there with you when that's happening."

Nunatsiavut said it's following Health Canada's policy on travel escorts.