Port Blandford "wolf" to have DNA tested

The provincial Department of Environment and Conservation will examine the body of a large canine to determine if it is a wolf.
David Hann shot this animal near Port Blandford on Feb. 5, when it became aggressive toward a dog. (Courtesy Bram Churchill)

Environment and Conservation officials in Newfoundland and Labrador will examine the body of a large canine and test its DNA to determine if it's a wolf.

Wildlife director John Blake said the animal was shot recently near Port Blandford when it was behaving aggressively towards a dog.

Blake said although wolf sightings are rare on the island, they do occur.

David Hann holds the paw of the animal he killed on Feb. 5. (Courtesy Bram Churchill)

"One in 2008 confirmed and one in 2012 confirmed," said Blake.

"I guess not unlike how polar bears occasionally show up on the island of Newfoundland. The fact that there is an ice bridge between Labrador and the island at times very thick and very heavy does create that potential for those kinds of migrations to occur."   

Blake said the animal will first be tested for diseases such as rabies.