The owner of a house that was virtually buried in snow says they've got it nearly dug out, but it's clear that there are some damages that will need to be repaired.

Janice Gould and her husband Rick Cooper arrived home to Port au Choix from Alberta last week to find their home totally encased in snow.

Gould said on the outside alone, she estimates repair costs will total around $10,000.

She said the porch is sagging, the chimney is hanging, and the patio is totalled. Additionally, there are damages to the eaves on the roof of the home.

Gould said she and her husband have yet to go inside the home to inspect the rafters and attic for damages.

Neighbours lend a hand digging out

A a large excavator and a cavalry of shovellers spent most of Wednesday pushing the hard-packed mound of snow away from the home.

Gould watched as a piece of heavy machinery brought in from nearby Daniel's Harbour and teams of volunteers spent hours, pushing the snow away from her home. The Port au Choix town council pitched in by taking away some of the snow with a backhoe. 

"A bunch of people helping us out and volunteering and, you know, leaving their own driveways and things coming to us, to help us ... and it's wonderful to know that people would do that," said Gould. 

Snow up to roof of house in Port au Choix

Snow was as high as the roof of Janice Gould's and Rick Cooper's home in Port au Choix. (Courtesy Janice Gould)

"I've seen a lot of snow here, but not like this, no. I've never seen a house get buried here. One-hundred-and-ten-kilometre winds and the snow was just drifting so fast, that we had people in with snow blowers and everything and we couldn't, couldn't keep up with it. All we can do now is pray and shovel, and pray some more."

Gould said for the first time in days, she went inside her house.

"I went in yesterday and got a few pieces of clothes and a couple of things, but it was scary," she said.

Snow was up to the rooftop on all sides of the house.

With another snowstorm forecast to hit the area on Friday, Gould and Cooper are not in the clear just yet. 

She and Cooper are staying out of the house until all the snow has been cleared away.