A witness for the defence gave some confusing testimony at the Steven Neville murder trial on Tuesday. 

The witness told the court he has problems seeing at night, or seeing objects at a distance without his glasses.

On Oct.9, 2010, the night there was a fight near his house, he said he wasn't wearing his glasses. The witness said he could not identify any of the three people involved in the fracas, referring to them as persons one, two and three.

Recounts events

The witness testified he saw one man chasing another, the first man turned, and the two fought.

The defence argued the first man was Steven Neville, which would mean Neville initially ran away, then turned to defend himself. 

That, according to the defence, would make the second man Ryan Dwyer, because Dwyer himself has testified he was the first person to confront Neville.

But the witness said the first man fell to the ground. That would be Neville, even though no other evidence has suggested he was the first to fall to the ground. 

The witness also said he never saw anyone get hit or stabbed in the back.

Pictures of Dwyer taken after the incident showed he had been stabbed in the back.

The witness also said he never saw any weapons, but admitted that could have been because he wasn't wearing glasses.

DNA expert testifies

Less confusing evidence for the jury was presented by a DNA expert with the RCMP.

Tom Suzanski testified that the blood of Doug Flynn, the man who died, was found in three places on the knife Neville is accused of using.

Suzanski couldn't say if Dwyer's DNA was also on the knife.

The trial continues today.