Fred Brockerville says he still isn't over the death of his dog. ((CBC))

A man whose poodle was killed by a pit bull in early October says he still isn't over the death of his dog, and wants the pit bull destroyed.

"Its a very hard thing to get through. You live it everyday. Everyday I come out through my door I still see my dog getting ripped to pieces... This is far from over, this will not be over," Fred Brockerville told CBC News.

Brockerville and a neighbour kicked the pit bull repeatedly during the attack, but the poodle, Ringo, died later after it was taken to a veterinarian.

Jason English, the owner of the pit bull, has been charged with failing to keep a dog tethered and breach of probation.

English wasn't in court for Thursday's hearing, but Brockerville was there. Brockerville said he wanted to see how the court would deal with English. The court case against the dog owner will return to court in early December, while the defence waits on more information to be disclosed. Brockerville said he intends to continue to follow the case.

"I'd like to see him charged to the full extent of the law," said Brockerville.