Power outages across Newfoundland last week left 190,000 customers in the dark, and many people were upset with what they called a lack of response from the premier.

Kathy Dunderdale said last weekend that the situation was not a crisis, but opponents said the premier was too slow to respond.

Former Tory minister Shawn Skinner said the premier's response could have been handled much better, and she lacked empathy in her public statements.

Russell Wangersky, with The Telegram, said the government's response showed a lack of communication between members and staff, and that the premier lacks respect for the reporters she speaks with.

Former Liberal MP Siobhan Coady said she thinks the situation was, in fact, a crisis, despite Dunderdale's statement that it wasn't, and that the premier missed an opportunity to show leadership.

Coady, Skinner and Wangersky were on this week's On Point panel with David Cochrane.