Bay Roberts RCMP are on the hunt for $4,000 worth of stolen shingles.

The building materials were taken from a house under construction within the past week.

The shingles were sitting on two large pallets in Steve Adams' driveway, waiting to be installed.

Ruby Adams, Steve Adams' mother, said she couldn't believe someone would stoop so low.

"Where the shingles were so heavy and on pallets, my goodness, we never thought that anyone would actually do that," said Adams. "And I mean with such an effort, to lift all the singles and take them, we figured by the time that would happen somebody would see something."

The theft occurred while the family was on vacation in Florida, but Adams said workers and relatives were coming and going while they were away.

The family has been hoping the theft was captured on a neighbour's security camera.

There is a $500 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.