The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary are adding almost no new details about a break-in at a home in the Kilbride area of St. John's, other than that it was "sexual in nature." 


RNC Const. Talia Murphy said the items that were disturbed in the house were 'evidentiary in value'. (CBC)

‚ÄčThe break-in happened early in Wednesday evening when no one was at home, and nothing was stolen from the house.

Police said personal items in the home were "disturbed," but are refusing to elaborate further.

"When you say disturbed, what do you mean?" a CBC reporter asked during a scrum Thursday. 

"That they were disturbed," said Const. Talia Murphy.

The RNC released a public warning on Thursday following the break-in, and are asking anyone with information to contact police or the anonymous Crime Stoppers service.