The RCMP say a fire that destroyed a new bandstand in Bishop's Falls is now being considered as suspicious.

Police and fire crews responded to the blaze at Fallsview Park in the early morning hours of April 28.

Most of the new structure was burnt beyond repair, and Mayor Bob Hobbs said what remains will have to be torn down.


Mayor Bob Hobbs said what remains of the bandstand will have to be torn down. (CBC)

"We looked at it, and really, it's not salvageable. We're going to have to take it down for safety factors obviously, and look at rebuilding it, or replacing it," he said.

Hobbs said he hopes charges are laid in the case.

"We certainly support that. You can't condone that kind of action," he said.

"We have so many good people in our communities around here, that we certainly don't want to see them put under the same light as the one or two people that have caused this problem."

Workers plan to remove the remnants of the bandstand before the summer.