Playboy pictorial puts Manuels woman in the spotlight

A young woman from Conception Bay South is featured in the latest online version of Playboy Magazine.
Newfoundlander Stephanie Branton posed for the latest online edition of Playboy Magazine. (Playboy)

A young woman from Conception Bay South is getting a lot of attention in Los Angeles — and on the internet.

Stephanie Branton, 21, is featured in the latest online version of Playboy Magazine.

"Modelling right now is my passion," said Branton in a phone interview with CBC.

"That's all I really, really want to do."

Her pictorial has only been on the web since Sunday and has already been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Although she doesn't get paid by the click, a high number of views is a sign she may be asked to pose again.

"When you start off, you go to online," said Branton. "You start off as a Co-ed or a Cybergirl or something like that. And then as the viewers and online readers write in and comment, [they see] how many views they have, then they decide if they want to shoot with you again."

Branton's story mirrors the dream of many aspiring models. She grew up in Manuels where she starting building up a modelling portfolio in her teens. She then moved on to Toronto and her career began to take off.

Now Branton lives in California where an agent helped her land a gig with Playboy Golf — a tournament that wraps up with a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion, attended by dozens of scantily-clad models.

It was there that Branton was approached by some of the company's casting directors who asked her to extend her stay so she could be shot by veteran Playboy photographer Josh Ryan.

She said her parents approve of her decision to pose nude for the magazine.

"My mom is my best friend in the world, and my dad, he's so cool about it," said Branton. "He's really proud of me."

"Playboy is a legend, I feel, so just to be a part of it is so exciting for me and for them."

But she suspects her father, a long-time fan of the magazine, still has some trepidation.

"I think he doesn't really want to tell many of his friends," added Branton, with a giggle.

Ryan recently contacted her about doing another shoot.

"I'm excited about the future. There's so much opportunity here, with modelling and other things," said Branton, who is considering acting in the future.

"I can't wait to just keep pushing forward and working hard."