Residents of a community on Newfoundland's Bonavista Peninsula are beseeching the Newfoundland and Labrador government to help them reopen a local swimming area.

The Town of Plate Cove East created a unique, flow-in, flow-out pool in the 1960s where the water comes from a brook and is then directed into the ocean.

This summer, the province closed the pool, saying it's illegal because it doesn't meet health and safety regulations.

Officials with Service NL said the pool needs a chlorination system and water filtration, as well as the presence of a lifeguard and adequate life-saving equipment. 

Michelle Keough, who is a member of the town's recreation committee, said Service NL Minister David Brazil has promised a meeting to try to find a solution.

But, she added, residents are becoming restless.

"They are being patient, as patient as can be, but time is running out and people want answers," Keough said.

"They're constantly asking, 'Has the minister called? Has the minister called? Any word on the pool? Any word on the pool?' This is crazy. This is nuts." 

The town is hoping that Brazil will grant an exemption before the hot summer weather is gone.