A fisherman is being taken to court by the owners of a fish plant in Hickman's Harbour where thousands of pounds of crab were dumped into the water by protesting fishers back in April.

The crab was taken out of the Golden Shell Fisheries plant in April and dumped over the wharf by fishermen who were protesting the processing of crab during a boycott to get a better price.

Owners of the plant are already suing the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union for $94,000.

Jim Hughes, the lawyer for the plant, said they used video to identify nine fishermen they believe threw crab into the water.

John Dean, from Little Hearts Ease, is the only fisherman the plant has named in its statement of claim.

Hughes said it will be a test case because FFAW lawyers are representing both Dean and the union, which he said is a conflict of interest because the FFAW denies being involved in the dumping of the crab.

He said he is aiming to get a judge's ruling on the conflict of interest issue in the next few weeks.

Dean said in his defence statement that he didn't take part in the protest and wasn't on the property or in the plant.

According to Dean's statement, he didn't trespass or dump any crab in the water, but he was near the plant on that day.

The investigation by the RCMP is ongoing and no charges have been laid.