It will be at least the weekend before the 50-year-old Placentia lift bridge reopens to traffic, according to the community's mayor.

The bridge has since been lowered to road height after it became stuck on an angle Sunday morning.

Engineers say problems with cable connections must still be addressed before vehicles can pass over the bridge.

Mayor Wayne Power said until then drivers will have to keep taking the long way into town on the southeast Placentia dirt road.

"The department tells us they're working at getting a resolution to the dust problem that we're seeing out there. It may be early next week before that happens. We request to people to use caution when they use that road, especially with the dust, and be safe in driving over it,' he said.

The alternate route can add up to 30 minutes to the drive in and out of Placentia.

The province says a new lift bridge being built next to the current one should be completed by 2016.