Placentia damage more serious than first thought: mayor

Wednesday night's storm surge damage to the boardwalk in the Town of Placentia is more serious than officials originally thought.

Boardwalk closed until further notice

Storm surge damage to the boardwalk in the Town of Placentia is more serious than originally thought. 

A surge on Wednesday night tossed large rocks and other debris along the area known as Beach Road. The two-kilometre boardwalk serves as both a recreational walkway and as a breakwater.

Mayor Wayne Power said a couple of sections of the boardwalk are completely destroyed. It is closed until further notice.

"A large portion of it has been pretty well destroyed and lifted up," said Power.

Mayor Wayne Power says some homes near the shoreline received damage to their basements or crawlspaces. (CBC)
"We've taken action now today to barricade the different entrances to that. Because, until we get to do a proper structural assessment on it, it's hard to say how safe it is."

The fire department, the RCMP and a public works crew spent the night monitoring what was a scary situation.

Power said they've never seen this kind of damage before — even during Hurricane Igor in 2010.

"We had the waves rolling in across Placentia beach, and proceeding on over our boardwalk area and onto the main highway. We have a lot of debris on the road right now," Power told CBC.  

Power said the number of people who went to the area to see the waves also made for a dangerous situation.

A wind warning for the region has since been lifted, but the town has asked people to stay away from the area for their own safety.

Power said about a half-dozen basements were also flooded during Wednesday night's wild weather.


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