A daycare centre in Paradise has been granted a reprieve and can stay in its current location until this fall.

Developer N.D. Dobbin had told its tenant, Pitter Patter Daycare, they would have to move out by mid-June to make way for a new Sobey's grocery store. 

But the owners of the daycare centre said they needed more time to prepare for the move, and asked for an extension until October. N.D. Dobbin informally agreed, and said it would accept rent payments up to that time.

The developer, however, later changed its mind. 

Construction on Pitter Patter lot

The extension to Pitter Patter Daycare is not expected to change the construction schedule for the new Sobeys store in Paradise. (CBC)

​Pitter Patter was not pleased when construction started in May and interfered with its operations.

After failed negotiations, N.D. Dobbin applied for a court order to enforce the June deadline.

In Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court, Justice Deborah Paquette upheld the extension, and ruled that Pitter Patter Daycare can stay in its current location until October.

Paquette said N.D. Dobbin never made its plans clear enough to the daycare centre.

The extension is not expected to change the construction schedule for the new supermarket.   

About 60 children are enrolled at the daycare centre, which will move to a new building on St. Thomas Line in the fall.