A man facing animal cruelty charges did not show up for an appearance in court on Thursday, but the new owners of pit bull dogs found abandoned in a vacant house in Conception Bay South last December did. 

Ross Martin is facing charges after seven dogs were seized from a vacant house in Upper Gullies Dec. 11. 

A resident who had heard whining made a complaint to the town after he didn't see anyone come and go from the abandoned house,

Some of the animals were chained on inside the house; and one dog was chained on to a ringer washer. 

The dogs, who were all treated by a veterinarian, were expected to make a full recovery. 

Pit bull owners and dogs come to court

Bill Dicks, who adopted one of the pit bulls, said his dog is doing well.   

Dicks said he and several other owners showed up at court on Wednesday with the dogs in tow — to make a point.

"It's not just this case, but it's the animal abuse that you hear about so much in this province now," said Dicks. 

"And try to get the message out that it's no longer acceptable and people are going to have to pay the price if you don't look after your animals. There's other options out there, call the SPCA or humane services — but do something, because if you abuse them, you will be caught, and you will be charged." 

Martin faces 33 charges in total.

The case will be back in court on July 31.