Conception Bay South mayor Ken McDonald says the seven pit bull dogs found in an abandoned house in Upper Gullies on Wednesday evening were living in terrible conditions.

"It was seven dogs chained on and not chained on and living in just the house. It was nothing, no care for them, no nothing." said McDonald. 

'You can imagine the state they were in.' - C.B.S. mayor Ken McDonald

"One of them was actually chained on to a ringer washer and pulled the washer across the floor to try to get clear, or get to some food or something."

"So you can imagine the state they were in."

Resident complaint led to animal discovery

A resident who heard whining and yelps, but saw no one come and go from the abandoned house, made a complaint to the town.  

McDonald says the town then got in touch with the RNC .

"The RNC did force entry into the residence and of course what they found wasn't a pretty sight." 

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, along with the town's municipal enforcement unit and veterinary staff went to the home shortly before 6 p.m. 

The seven dogs were treated by a vet, and two of them were later released to humane services in C.B.S. All the animals have been expected to make a full recovery. 

RNC spokesperson Const. Talia Murphy said police are searching for the owner of the dogs, and they are still investigating what happened, although police expect charges will be laid. 

Police have not identified the owner. 

Mayor credits new legislation

McDonald credited the province's new Animal Health and Protection Act for the rescue. 

"I know everybody at times is there to beat up on government, but this is one good piece of legislation that they brought in."

Revisions last year to the act have allowed inspectors to be certified in towns like Conception Bay South.

Last week, police charged a C.B.S. man after a seriously injured dog was seized in Foxtrap. It had a large wound on its neck caused by a collar.