Pit bull owner found guilty

A judge ruled Tuesday that pit bull owner Jason English failed to keep the animal properly penned when it viciously attacked another dog in October.

A St. John's man was found guilty after his pit bull viciously attacked another dog outside the Georgetown Pub on Hayward Avenue last October.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Jason English failed to keep the dog properly penned.

"Ringo had a punctured lung, a punctured heart. His neck was broke, his teeth were on the ground," said owner Fred Brockerville about his dog, a terrier/poodle mix.

"When I picked him up, he was just tore to pieces."

Brockerville tried to stop the pit bull from attacking his dog, but couldn't. Ringo was later put down by a veterinarian.

Brockerville still has a hard time discussing what happened to Ringo.

"I haven't forgot about it for a year," said Brockerville, his voice quivering. "I just can't talk about it anymore."

The dog that attacked Ringo was one of two pit bulls English kept in his backyard. The dog got out through a gate after someone removed the rope that kept it shut and opened it.

The court decided English failed in his due diligence to keep the dogs penned, as the yard wasn't adequately secured.

The judge said he probably won't insist on the pit bull being destroyed, since English now keeps his gate chained and padlocked.

Brockerville also said he doesn't want to have the dog killed.

"I'm not a fan of killing animals," said Brockerville. "I just think he and other people should take care of their animals better."

This isn't English's first offense. Almost two years ago, he was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years probation for biting off part of a man's ear in a bar fight.

Because of the guilty verdict today, English was also found guilty of a breach of probation to keep the peace.

English is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday morning.