A Vietnamese restaurant in Corner Brook has reopened after being forced out of its former building.

Restaurant owner Thy Nyguen was left unsure of her future after her business was forced to close when the previous building was shut down amid safety concerns.

Thy Nyguen

Thy Nyguen says she was happy to discover many of her customers have followed her to her new location. (CBC)

Nyguen found a new home this March in the Colemans building — in former Maggie's Restaurant — and her loyal customer base has followed.

"First day it reopened it was very busy. A lot of customers came back to me," Nyguen said. 

"I am very happy because I'm so busy."

Pho Vietnam's first location on Humber Road was forced to close after serious problems with the building's wiring were discovered.

Denise DeGrace was sitting down to eat at the previous location, when inspectors showed up on sit to shut it down.

Denise DeGrace

Denise DeGrace was sitting down to lunch at the previous location of Pho Vietnam, when inspectors showed up on site to shut the building down. (CBC)

DeGrace said while there was obvious concern about the business' future, she knew Nyguen would land on her feet.

"I just knew at that point she was worried, and I just knew at that point something good was going to happen," she said.

"She is just such a hard worker and everybody likes her, so this actually is a blessing in disguise — now she has everything." 

Nyguen's biggest concern now is getting some extra kitchen staff to help keep up with high demand.