The Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board has suspended the licences of two pharmacists who are facing hundreds of charges in court.

Lloyd Bennett lost his licence for five years and was fined $40,000. John Gerald Whelan lost his licence for three years and was fined $25,000.

Both men worked at East End Pharmacy in St. John's.

Multiple charges

The charges against them range from fraud and forgery to dispensing drugs such as OxyContin without a written prescription.

In documents published by the pharmacy board, the pair admitted to violating federal regulations, as well as the code of ethics and regulations under the province's Pharmacy Act.

Bennett and Whelan said errors happened because they didn't know how to use the pharmacy's new computer system.

History of suspensions

This was not the first time their licences were suspended.

In 2009, a hearing by the pharmacy board found Bennett and Whalen were guilty of several cases of professional misconduct, including filling prescriptions that weren't ordered by physicians or requested by patients.

In 2000, Whalen's licence was suspended for three months after pharmacy board hearings found he was guilty of a number of incidents of professional misconduct.