One of the groups with a booking at the Mile One Centre during the Calder Cup finals has agreed to move its booking to accommodate a St. John's IceCaps game, but the medical conference is remaining where it is.

The Atlantic Canadian Petroleum Show will now run from June 19 to June 20, instead of June 18 to 19 as originally planned.

The IceCaps will play a game at Mile One Centre on June 17, and the organizers of the petroleum show say they need a full day to set up for the conference before it begins.

Since they cannot set up on the 17th as planned, the group says it is in the best interest of the conference to delay by a day.

"We recognize that this will present challenges to our exhibitors and attendees," said the event organizers in a statement.

"We have considered every option and even looked for alternate venues, and the only viable option that is best for our clients is to delay the show opening by 24 hours."

The annual meeting of the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society remains booked June 13 to 16 at Mile One, which will cause a five-day break between Calder Cup games.

Team owner Danny Williams has expressed frustration that the medical conference could not be moved to another location.