Pet-saver risks burning house to rescue cats, dogs

A St. John's man who rushed into a burning home to help save three cats and two dogs says he did not do anything special.
Ryan Collins speaks with reporters about how he rescued several pets from a St. John's fire 1:49

A St. John's man who rushed into a burning home to help save three cats and two dogs says he did not do anything special. 

"I judged the state of the house as I was going in and it looked fine to me," Ryan Collins told reporters Monday evening, not long after he plucked the animals from a burning house on Empire Avenue. 

"There [were] other people coming around … so I think most people would have done the same thing." 

Ryan Collins' arm was injured as he rescued several pets from a burning home Monday night in St. John's. (CBC)
Collins was driving by the house when he noticed smoke pouring out of the house. He leapt into action even before firefighters had arrived. 

"I pulled over and I heard them yelling about how their cats were still inside, so myself and the next-door neighbour over here at this house went in and we grabbed the cats — who were less than enthused, I guess, about being held into a hockey bag," Collins said. 

Collins' right arm was scratched and bitten during the encounter. Paramedics bandaged it while crews brought the fire under control. 

'You can't really replace that'

Collins said he has no regrets about having been injured. 

"I guess I just kind of went in because I have animals, too. You know, you can replace things but you can't really replace that." 

The fire started in an apartment at the back of the house. Two people in the home were treated for injuries, although officials said their lives are not at risk. 

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. 


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