A St. John's shop owner is living with dozens of animals in his home because his pet store in the Village Mall was forced to shut down last week due to the power outages across Newfoundland.

Mike Billard, owner of Pet City, has had all kinds of creatures living in his dining room since the mall lost power last week.

Billard said a variety of birds, rodents, and other animals will be sharing his home until power can be restored to the mall.

"It was just so cold in there. Obviously, as the days went by, the temperature was dropping with no heating in the store,

[and] no electricity," said Billard.
Mike Billard Pet City 20140117

Mike Billard, owner of Pet City at the Village Mall in St. John's, says mall officials told him power should return to the centre in the next few days. (CBC)

"Particularly with the exotic animals, the reptiles and the birds, they're very susceptible to coldso we got those out on the first day, and went back and got all the fur-wearing critters on the second day."

Billard said he and his wife have been adjusting to the change in lifestyle.

They no longer have a need for an alarm clock because the birds start chirping once the sun starts to come up.

He said they've been doing their best to accommodate the animals, but there have been a few disruptions that have taken some getting used to.

"You wake up in the middle of the night and hear something, you rush downstairs to find a noisy hamster or gerbil on the wheel enjoying his fun," he said.

Billard said he is even keeping snakes, a scorpion, and a tarantula in his home while he waits for the mall to reopen.

Officials at the Village Mall said the centre will be reopening on Jan. 20 with regular operating hours.