Personal Care Home Owners Association's Shaun Lane says the government refuses to talk about funding issues. ((CBC))

Personal home care operators are saying the government refuses to meet with them to discuss funding issues.

Shaun Lane, spokesperson for the Personal Care Home Owners Association, said the group has ideas on how to better use government subsidies, but hasn't had a meeting with the minister in over two years.

"We're sitting here with suggestions to government on how to save them money, and how to better serve our clients, and how to better take care of our residents, and to better take care of our staff but it just seems like government is not really interested in communicating," he said.

The association spoke Monday at a Liberal election campaign launch in Holyrood.

The Liberals announced a plan to create a ministry for seniors, something Lane said he liked.

The Liberals' focus on seniors' care also came as welcome news for Genevieve Kennedy of Kennedy's Personal Care Home in Holyrood, who said she has lost faith in the PC government.

"I'm disgusted with the PC government. I am disgusted with the minister of health," she said.

Kennedy said her government funding hasn't increased in years, but her wages and other costs have.

Despite her efforts to contact the minister of health, she said she can't get a meeting with government to talk about it.

"The present government has not listened to the person on the bottom floor when we're bringing concerns, real major concerns. It's a catastrophe," she said.

The government tells a different story, saying funding has increased 17 per cent over the last five years.

"Since 2006 the monthly subsidy has increased from $1,534 to $1,800 per resident per month," said Jennifer Tullk, a spokesperson for the department of health and community services.