Candidates in the Progressive Conservative leadership race will be required to disclose all donations and expenditures, party president Cillian Sheahan says.

“I can assure you, there will be full disclosure of expenses and contributions in this PC leadership race,” Sheahan wrote in a text message Tuesday evening to CBC News.

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“This was always our intention and will be rolled out at the appropriate time with all other details associated with the convention process. The rules committee has already been tasked with the job of completing these additional rules so that they can go out with the nomination packages for prospective candidates.”

As CBC News reported earlier Tuesday, the Tories never followed through on an array of promises made more than a decade ago to provide legislative oversight of party leadership contests, opting to leave the “loopholes” they once criticized wide open.

In 2003, while still in Opposition, the party was sharply critical of the then-governing Liberals for not regulating leadership races.

The PCs pledged to enshrine in law maximum donations and expenditures for leadership contests, full public disclosure of all donations and spending, and require that unused cash be returned to donors.

But they never brought those law changes to the house of assembly.

Instead, the status quo from 2003 remains in effect, and the Progressive Conservatives will enforce their own rules for the race that will choose the next party leader and premier.

The party’s constitution does not require information on who gave how much to which candidates to be released.

But according to Sheahan, that will happen anyway.

So far, there is only one declared candidate in the race — west coast businessman Bill Barry.

But Barry is not expected to run unopposed.

The Tories have set dates in early July for the convention to pick a new leader.