Newfoundland and Labrador's Tories are continuing their plans for a convention in early July, even though delegates will not be choosing a new leader.

Frank Coleman was left as the only remaining candidate in the race after fellow Corner Brook businessman Bill Barry dropped out of the race last Thursday, accusing the party of having built a "stacked deck" against him.

A party committee kicked Howley councillor Wayne Bennett out of the race three weeks ago for several reasons, including Twitter comments that many party members deemed racist.

The party says in lieu of a formal leadership convention, it will instead hold an annual general meeting.

"We would've loved to have a convention so that people could've gotten to know Frank and he could have gotten his views out there and his policies out there, and the others could've gotten their views and their policies out there," said Premier Tom Marshall.

Marshall said he is disappointed that Barry dropped out of the race, and that he had looked forward to a good debate.

"It would've been an interesting debate and an exciting time, political conventions can be very exciting so we're disappointed, but things happen the way they do and we just have to accept it," he said.