Newfoundland and Labrador's government has voted down a Liberal Party motion calling for an inquiry into search and rescue and the death of Burton Winters.

During the debate Wednesday, Labrador Affairs Minister Nick McGrath told the legislature a public inquiry would not have any value.

"Having a public inquiry is not going to bring back Burton Winters and it's not going to change anything at all. It's not going to reveal anything. So, I think we need to let it rest," he said.

The 14-year-old boy froze to death on sea ice near his hometown of Makkovik, Labrador, after he was reported missing on Jan. 29. The RCMP, provincial fire and emergency services, and federal military officials were involved in the search that lead to the recovery of his body three days later, on Feb.1.

"What are we going to achieve by having a public inquiry? All we find out is that somebody who made a decision, may not have made the right decision," McGrath said.

He added that decisions made during the search were the best that could be made at the time.