Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Paul Davis kicked off campaigning after nominations closed Monday night, spending the evening with young Tories at Memorial University in St. John's.

Davis said he will be meeting with party delegates in the coming weeks, but plans to appeal to more than just existing party members.

"The focus has to be on delegates, but it also has to be on the people of the province because they are very much part of this process and they are going to be the recipients of a new leader," he said.

"It has to be meaningful, listening to what is important to them — what they look for in their government, what they are looking for in their MHAs and what their vision is for the province and what they would like to see happen down the road."

Nominations for a leadership candidate closed at noon Monday.

Davis will be running against fellow MHA Steve Kent, as well as former cabinet minister John Ottenheimer.

The party will hold a leadership convention to pick a new leader on Sept. 13 in St. John's.