Paul Connolly set for trial in Nov. 2018 in Steven Milller homicide case

Paul Connolly will face trial in Nov. 2018 on charges of first-degree murder, arson, robbery and forcible confinement in the death of Steven Miller.

Connolly's lawyer says the outcome of co-accused's cases could impact plea

Paul Connolly being led from provincial court in St. John's on Aug. 14. (Glenn Payette/CBC News)

Paul Connolly will go to trial in November of 2018 on charges related to the killing of Steven Miller.

Miller was found in a driveway in C.B.S. in July 2016. He had been stabbed and the house he had been living in was set on fire.

Connolly was charged with first-degree murder, arson, robbery and forcible confinement in connection with Miller's death.

Two other men, Chesley Lucas, 24, and Calvin Kenny, 26, have already pleaded guilty to manslaughter. 

Lucas and Kenny had been charged with murder, but accepted a plea bargain to the lesser charge and will be sentenced at provincial court later this fall.

Connolly's lawyer said Monday the outcome of that case could impact his plea, and the trial may not go ahead.

Connolly will be back in Supreme Court in November for an update.