A St. John's woman won a complaint against Newfoundland and Labrador's  English School District after the removal of a cross from the exterior of a school.

Cathy Browne took her complaint to Citizens' Representative Barry Fleming after the school board decided to take down the cross on the outside of St. Matthew's Elementary.

According to Browne, Fleming sided with her about how the decision was made, but the cross will not be restored to the school's exterior.

"I really don't know what the next step would be, like where else could I go besides what I've done," she said. "At least people are aware now that what they did, it was really underhanded, how they wrote up their policy."

In May last year, the school board made the decision to remove the cross after receiving a complaint from a parent about the cross, which they said didn't belong on a building in the public education system.

Browne said the board didn't consult with the public before making the decision, and she felt ambushed by the removal of the cross.

Browne said the school board has sent her a written apology, but it was recommended by the ombudsman and she isn't certain how genuine it is.