People in the St. John's area are getting their first look at plans for a new high school to be built in the city's west end.

It’s set to be built on Topsail Road, near the former Newfoundland School for the Deaf.

"It's been a quest that so many people, certainly not just my family, but hundreds of families having been lobbying for this for years, so it's very exciting," said Sarah Colborne Penney.

Penney, a mother of three, was at a meeting Tuesday evening held by the City of St. John’s to discuss a proposal to rezone the land where the school’s expected to go.

The architect revealed the school will have a unusual design. There will be two wings, one for three floors of classrooms and another for sports, arts and recreation.

St. John's recreation department director Jill Brewer said the city hopes to get access to some of the facilities, including a large outdoor soccer pitch that expected to be built at the new school.

St. John’s city council still must approve a proposal to rezone the land before construction can begin.


A slide of the new school at a meeting in St. John's on Tuesday. (CBC)