Paradise teen receives prestigious scouting award

17-year-old Evan Kearley has received one of Scouts Canada's top honours.
17-year-old Evan Kearley received a Scouts Canada national award for gallantry. (CBC)

A Paradise teenager has received one of Scouts Canada's top honours.

Evan Kearley, 17, received a national award for gallantry on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday. Kearley was recognized for helping save a young man in waters located off Eastport in August 2012.

Evan Kearley and his father Shawn discovered and helped rescue a young man in trouble off Eastport Beach in August, 2012. (CBC)

Last summer, Evan and his father Shawn discovered a young man who was in trouble off a beach in Eastport. The young man was on an air mattress that was being swept out to sea by a strong wind and current.

The Kearleys had a canoe with them, and went for the rescue which took 20 minutes to reach the young man in trouble. It took an hour and a half to tow him back to the beach.

Kearley credits his Scouts training for being able to carry out the rescue. He said he perfected his canoeing skills at a scout camp in Ontario earlier that summer.

"They're training people, that in certain situations like this where the guy's unlucky, you're there to help," said Kearley.