Ralph Wiseman was first elected mayor of Paradise, N.L., in 2005. ((CBC))

Ralph Wiseman is back as mayor of Paradise, N.L., after his name was drawn out of a bin to resolve a tied recount tally from this week's municipal election.

The recount Thursday showed the incumbent mayor tied with Kurtis Coombs, 19. Under the province's Municipal Elections Act, a draw is used to determine the winner if a recount results in a tie. Coombs had been ahead 1,821 to 1,818 before the recount.

Coombs told CBC News that he is disappointed by the outcome of the recount. The Memorial University student spoke to a lawyer and will request a judicial recount.

"It was disappointing. I mean, it just takes looking at it to see that there’s something wrong with this," he said.

"There’s been a huge public outrage with how the mayor of this municipality has been chosen and people are calling for a re-election."

He said another election should be held to decide who the people of Paradise want to be their mayor.

During the draw, the names were written on separate, identical pieces of blank paper which must drawn out of a receptacle — in this case, a recycling bin.

Wiseman had asked for the recount after Tuesday night's results gave the mayoral post to Coombs. Paradise is 20 kilometres west of St. John's and has a population of 15,000.

Wiseman has avoided questions from the media since Tuesday but he broke his silence Thursday after he was declared mayor of Paradise.

"Today I am the mayor, and unless I'm told otherwise, I'm going to carry on as the mayor and fulfill the obligations I made to the people of Paradise," he said.