A 37 year-old man from Paradise has been sentenced to 22 months for internet luring, possession of child porn, and distributing child porn after striking up an inappropriate online relationship with a 16-year old male in Massachusetts.

The relationship started as video gaming but the content became sexual when Joseph Rice sent the youth nude photos of a 12-year old. The youth in Massachusetts then sent nude photos of himself back to Rice.

But when Rice said he wanted to visit the 16-year old in person, the teen went to the authorities.

As part of his sentence, his name will be added to the sex registry for life, and Rice will be on probation for three years. He must also stay away from places frequented by children, such as parks and swimming pools, for 10 years.

Rice is the son of 53-year old Patricia Rice whose body was found in a field in Paradise in July.

The police never released the cause of her death, but said no foul play was suspected.