A Paradise boy, who made international headlines last week when he sent his Timbits soccer medal to the members of Canada's men's 4 x 100 relay team after they lost out on an Olympic bronze medal, has been honoured by his hometown.

Elijah Porter, 10, was presented with a certificate from the town during Tuesday's council meeting. He also got to sit in Paradise Mayor Ralph Wiseman's chair and try on Wiseman's chains of office.

Porter sent a letter of encouragement and his Timbits soccer medal to crestfallen team members after they were stripped of a bronze medal because team member Jared Connaughton stepped out of bounds during the Aug. 12 race.

Porter's action lifted the team's spirits and attracted world-wide attention after one of the team members posted Porter's letter on his Twitter account.

'That's just the way Elijah is.' —Kim Porter, Elijah Porter's mother

Kim Porter, Elijah's mother, said her son would have extended his act of kindness to anyone.

"That's just the way Elijah is. He has a big heart and it wasn't a surprise for me for him to do that," said Porter. "He would have done that if it was his friend down the road. He's just like that."

Wiseman said Porter's good deed will never be forgotten and he hopes Porter will run for town council some day.