Paradise's town council voted on Tuesday to adopt the recommendations of a traffic study commissioned three years ago, but getting it done will mean a hefty pricetag — and the financial help of neighbouring taxpayers. 


Paradise Mayor Dan Bobbett will ask neighbouring municipalities for help implementing a traffic plan.

"[The plan] calls for various upgrading of new roads and new road connections in and out of Paradise, because that's what's needed to alleviate some of the construction," says Mayor Dan Bobbett.

"In the next couple of years, this plan will take us over 10 years," said Bobbett. "Some of the stuff that will take place in the next couple of years has already started."

But the town needs $50 million to implement the plan.

Paradise wants to ask its neighbours — Conception Bay South, Mount Pearl and St. John's — for help.

"We'll be in consultation with those communities as well to partner with any parts of that study because where we sit in the middle any implementation of our study and plan will basically affect them as well," said Bobbett.

He thinks the neighbouring municipalities will also find the traffic study useful. 

"They've (consulting firm, Hatch Mott MacDonald) collected data for the last two years for traffic flows in and out of the town," said Bobbett. "That data is good data that the other municipalities can use in a regional aspect." 

Bobbett later clarified that Paradise won't be asking neighbouring municipalities to help pay for road improvements, but added that those municipalities may be expected to contribute funding for any regional infrastructure that is built.

Bobbett said Oceanex will approach both Paradise and St. John's to fund the roadwork it plans to build.

The traffic plan would widen Topsail Road and Karwood Drive.

Kenmount Road would be extended to the Manuels Access Road.

The plan also recommends working with Oceanex to build an overpass that would open a new entry point to Paradise.