Pamela Reid and Aaron Powers' wedding started off with a bang

Newlyweds Pamela Reid and Aaron Powers will have quite the tale to tell their kids some day after their wedding Saturday was delayed by a lightning bolt.

Lightning strike shuts down power and water

Mother-of-the-bride Norma Reid describes what happened when lightning struck her daughter`s wedding tent 3:28

Newlyweds Pamela Reid and Aaron Powers will have quite the tale to tell their kids someday after their wedding Saturday was delayed by a lightning bolt.

Norma Reid, the bride's mother, said it was a beautiful day when some of the 150 guests started to arrive at her Portugal Cove-St. Philip's home for the ceremony and reception.
Aaron Powers and Pamela Reid had a fairy-tale wedding, despite a lightning strike earlier in the day that sent the guests indoors. (Submitted by White Willow Photography)

"All of a sudden, the sky opened up. I've never seen torrential rain so heavy in such a short period of time," she said. "And in a split second, instantaneously, that lightning struck, that lightning hit, and it was 'Wow, what just happened?'" 

Reid said the lightning hit a tent pole. Witnesses said they saw it travel to the house, where it knocked out the power and water.

The wedding party and the guests were forced into the house to get out of the rain.

"At that time, there were about 50 [guests], but within minutes the first busload came and they came in this torrential rain and, 'Change of plan. Let's get out the appetizers and let's get out the booze,'" said Reid

But the party went on- Norma Reid

The ceremony and the reception went ahead with a little help from guests, one of whom was an electrician.

"The pump was struck so we had no water, so these guys were very creative and went to a neighbour's and got a long hose, tapped into their outside water and put it into the house. So in our wedding venue, we had a hose running through the floor, towels on the floor and we stepped over it," she said.

"But the party went on."

No one seemed to mind and the rain eventually stopped, turning the event into a "fairy-tale" wedding in the end, according to Reid.
The weather cleared up later at Aaron Powers' and Pamela Reid's wedding, creating what guests called a "fairy-tale" setting. (Submitted by White Willow Photography)

"The sky was magnificent because all those after-storm clouds and the sun shining through that, and we had the harbour there. It was a fairy tale — it was beautiful," she said.

One guest told Reid the day's events were a good omen for the start of the marriage.

"All the adversity we had throughout the day, and [we] overcame it. And, you know what? This is a good sign," the guest told Reid.