A young man and woman admitted in St. John's court on Monday that they lured someone they knew to a city park so they could steal his drugs.

Allison Clements, 21, and Paul Gavin, 20, pleaded guilty to charges connected the robbery of someone they knew in October 2011.

Information presented to the court said Clements and Gavin, as well as two other young people, lured the victim to the west gate of Bowring Park.

The man was beaten up, with thieves stealing prescription drugs and the man’s personal belongings.

Clements and Gavin had each been charged with assault causing bodily harm, but those charges have been conditionally withdrawn.

Clements and Gavin will be sentenced in October, but separately. That is because Clements has theft and other charges still before the court.

Pre-sentence reports have been ordered for both of them. It was emphasized in court that the report for Gavin will examine substance abuse issues.

Jessica Bonnell, 20, has already been sentenced to nine months for her involvement in the robbery.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Dillon Downer, 20, who is believed to have taken part in the crime.