A medical supply company in St. John's is under fire again, less than a day after making a public apology.

HorizonAire says it used "poor judgement" when it refused to refund an unused oxygen machine.

But Tuesday, the man who bought it discovered that the machine actually was used — just not by him.  

Al Rogers says when he opened the box, he discovered a label saying "rental unit." 

A search of the serial number revealed that the machine's warranty expired months ago.

"This is the first time the box has been opened," Rogers said.

"And now we come to see rental stickers on it, there’s scratches on it, you can see it's a used unit.  Now we find out it's remanufactured and the warranty is up on it before it was even bought."

Rogers said it was a shock to find out that the machine wasn’t new.

"It actually turns my stomach," he said.

HorizonAire has not responded to requests for comment about Rogers' discovery.