A woman in North West River was shocked that someone shot her dog earlier this week.

Chelsea Shiwak said her small, mixed-breed dog Tucker was off its leash for a few hours on Wednesday.

The dog had sustained an injury by the time it was found.

According to the veterinarian who examined the dog, it had been shot with a pellet gun.

dog shot with pellet gun North West River

Tucker the dog was shot with a pellet gun after he got off his leash in North West River on Wednesday. (Contributed photo)

"We took him home and bathed him up and we thought he got in a fight with a dog or something like that, so we took him up to the vet just to make sure it was nothing serious," said Shiwak.

"I can't even describe it because it's just such a shock, right? You think that someone wouldn't really just go and shoot an animal wandering around town. He was probably scared enough being that far away — he don't usually go that far — so then for someone to shoot him it was, he was pretty shook up and I was pretty shook up."

Shiwak said the vet managed to get the pellets out, and the dog didn't have any serious injuries.

The vet told Shiwak the dog was "very, very lucky" the shot missed all major organs.

Shiwak said while the dog is usually on its leash, she'll be extra cautious in future.