Owner of Paradise 'lemon' home gets help from contractor

A Paradise homeowner, who says their new house has been a huge disappointment, got some help from a local contractor this weekend.

Cinda Druken still waiting to hear from home builder

Owners of a disappointing home in St. John's got some help from a contractor, reports Mark Quinn 1:54

A Paradise homeowner, who says their new house has been a huge disappointment, got some help from a local contractor this weekend.

Cinda Druken and her family —  who bought their brand-new home, sight unseen, in 2010 — wanted a worry-free home to move into with their newborn twins when they moved back from Alberta. 

But Druken said they were sorely disappointed with what they purchased.

Windows in the house are leaking, siding has been coming off the building, and the stairs in the home are unsafe.

Doug Hillier, with Custom Wood Solutions, called Druken to offer his help with the stairs, hoping to fix at least one of her problems with the home.

"It's a safety concern for her children and her family, and it's just the right thing to do," he said.

Hillier said fixing issues with the stairs in the Druken home will help get rid of some of their stress.

"It's not that big of a deal to me. I can spend probably $50 or something in materials …​ and in maybe three or four hours have her staircase straightened up."

Hillier said problems with homes being built quickly have become pretty common in the city.

Earlier this week, CBC News contacted the man who built the home.

He said he would work with Druken to repair ongoing issues, but Druken said she has yet to hear from the builder.


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