The owner of Mallard Cottage in Quidi Vidi is hoping his future restaurant will be repaired in a month or so, after it was saved  from destruction in an electrical fire.

When crews turned on the power last Friday, a small fire broke out.

Todd Perrin said in the best case scenario, the repairs will take about four weeks, but insurance assessments still need to be completed before repairs can start.

Perrin said it is an unfortunate setback, but he's happy there wasn't more damage.


An electrical fire at Mallard Cottage in Quidi Vidi caused some damage to finished parts of the building lasst Friday. (CBC)

"We were down to the last couple of weeks, so it's a bit disappointing that we were so close and we had this setback, but it's only time and we'll carry on," Perrin said.

"We plan to be here for a long time, so an extra month or two months or whatever is going to be is small potatoes in the big picture."

Perrin said they don't know the extent of the damage yet, but it doesn't seem very severe.

"We had a fair bit of smoke damage, so they have to do all the things that they do to kind of remediate that. So we had to tear down a bunch of our ceilings and insulation and stuff that was all completed. That obviously takes time."

George Chalker, executive director of the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador, said keeping historical sites like Mallard Cottage is important.

Chalker said he's heartened to see people are still interested in restoring these old buildings.

"It's a snapshot — a tangible snapshot — of the past," he said.

"Unfortunately because of the way our society is going and because of the importance put on land, especially in the centre of the city, a lot of  these [historical] structures are disappearing at an alarming rate and I'd like to think Mallard Cottage will be around for another hundred years."