A tourist from Maine is back on two wheels – riding again after she feared her dream of motorcycling across Newfoundland had been shattered.

Molly Nelson's 2009 Yamaha TW200 was taken Monday while she was in a getting a tattoo in St. John's.

She made public pleas through the media asking people to help her get her bike back. Tuesday night her phone rang.

"It was totally like in the movies, the guy kind of had a rough voice 'I know where your bike is' and the guy said you better go for it right now. So I said alrighty then," Nelson said.

Her bike doesn't look the same. It was completely stripped but that doesn't matter... thanks to the generosity of others.   

"They re-equipped me so well I almost have the exact same stuff that I left home with," said Nelson, 47.

"In fact, I may need bigger saddlebags."

Nelson said people have been calling her to give her tools and clothing. They've even been calling and inviting her out for an ice cream.

'I had a little cry...the night that it was stolen.' —Molly Nelson

She said started out as a heartbreaker has turned into wild ride.

"I had a little cry there in my sleeping bag the night that it was stolen. I got over that and decided to change my tune and knew that something good was going to come out of it," she said.

"I don't know maybe [the theft] kept me from hitting a moose that night or something... I just ride with it and trust in folks. It's been a really good lesson to chill and accept things for what they are."

Nelson plans to hit the road again and ride out of St. John's on Sunday.