The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District will kick off a series of meetings Thursday night to address long-standing problems at schools in Paradise, Mount Pearl and Goulds — including overcrowding.

Christine Hennebury, whose son is a grade four student at St. Peter's Elementary in Mount Pearl, said overcrowding tops her list of concerns.

"There are way too many kids in all of the classrooms," said Hennebury

Hennebury said when St. Peter's was first built, it was meant to house 450 students — but there are now upwards of 800 children in the school.

She said cramped classrooms, like her son's, doesn't allow for natural movement throughout the day.

"They're little kids … they are all still quite small [and] they are all still full of energy. They used to have a computer lab. They took that out so they could make another classroom."

The school board will begin a series of public meetings this week to discuss reorganization in communities where overcrowding is the big issue.

Thursday's meeting takes place at St. Kevin's School at 6:30 p.m.