Ray Kuszelewski, an outspoken lawyer who has criticized cuts to Newfoundland and Labrador's justice system, has accepted a buyout package from the province's Legal Aid Commission. 

Kuszelewski said he accepted the buyout package because he doesn't think he would have a good relationship with his bosses.

"I guess I could have sat back and continued to do what I did, which was I consider constructively critical," said Kuszelewski.

"But obviously, that wasn't appreciated by some people. And that's why the package came down the pipe at me."

Kuszelewski was suspended from work for two days after he spoke out against the cuts to the justice system that were announced in March's provincial budget.

Kuszelewski said he had no regrets about speaking out.

"I was very happy that they reversed their position on budget cuts generally, and possibly even to the Legal Aid Commission's budget," said Kuszelewski.

"But nonetheless, it was a very serious budget cut. It meant people had to go."

Kuszelewski's last day in his office in Gander was on Friday, but he said he remains worried about the two lawyers left in the office, who will have to deal with 300 cases.

He said with that case load, clients of the Gander legal aid office will face many more delays.