The premier of Newfoundland and Labrador says the ABC campaign launched by Danny Williams for the 2008 election doesn't still have an impact on the way Ottawa deals with the province.

Tom Marshall was responding to Conservative Senator Fabian Manning, who said on Wednesday the federal end of the government thinks "Canada ends at the Quebec border."

Manning said there's a grudge held against Newfoundland and Labrador by the federal Conservatives after the Anything But Conservative campaign. 

"We're all Canadians, and I'm sure the government of Canada, they're our government too, and even though we don't have someone in the federal cabinet, we expect to be treated fairly and equitably, just like any other Canadian, and I think we will be," he said.

Rob Moore, an MP from New Brunswick, took on the role of representative for N.L. after Peter Penashue resigned his seat amid allegations of illegal campaign donations, and later lost a byelection the Labrador riding.

However, Marshall admitted there is a struggle without a Newfoundlander and Labradorian sitting at the table.

"No matter which party forms the government, it's great if we could have a member in that cabinet, and some places vote strategically to ensure that happens, regardless of who wins," he said.

"We haven't, so we live with the effects of that."

Jason MacDonald, the prime minister's chief spokesman, responded to Manning's claims on Thursday, stating the federal government has maintained a record of building a "stronger and more prosperous Atlantic Canada."

"We have made historic, important investments in Atlantic Canada and we remain committed to building a stronger and more prosperous Atlantic Canada through our ambitious trade agenda," said MacDonald in a release.