The NDP defence critic says Ottawa is sitting on a report that may reveal some less-than-flattering details about the state of Canadian search and rescue.

The review was to be released in August, but the Department of National Defence has yet to share it with the public or opposition.

Jack Harris said it's just more of the same from the federal government.

"This is a government that's not very transparent, despite their claims and their intentions when they started seven years ago," said the St. John's East MP.

"They aren't very forthcoming with information, it's very difficult to get the facts from them, and this is another report that perhaps they don't like because it's been critical of the delays that have taken place, or it points out the dangers of those delays when it comes to public safety."

Harris said the sooner the report is released, the sooner federal agencies can get to work on a solution to the problems facing search and rescue.

"It should be released immediately so we can take a look at it, see what it has to say, and have a public debate about it. Search and rescue in this country is in hard shape," he said. 

"This review is probably another example of a critique of search and rescue. Let's get it out there and let's see what sort of solutions this government is prepared to propose."

Auditor General Michael Ferguson said in the spring that search and rescue wasn't up to par.

Then-defence minister Peter MacKay announced Ottawa would conduct a quadrennial review to "allow for a deep dive into the detail of how we co-ordinate search and rescue across what is a massive, massive country."

CBC News requested a copy of the search and rescue report, but a spokesperson for Defence Minister Rob Nicholson said he received it Wednesday morning and has not reviewed it yet.