Kaetlyn Osmond's extended family members say they are bursting with pride at the 17-year old figure skater's performance at the World Figure Skating Championships in London, Ontario this past weekend. 

Osmond finished in 8th place, which will guarantee Canada two spots in the figure skating competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The event was just the third major competition for Osmond. 

Osmond's siblings, grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins in Marystown were glued to the television and the internet all weekend, watching Osmond's performances.

"It was unreal watching her and seeing all the Canadian flags and seeing our parents in the stands," said Osmond's older sister, Natasha. "It was just unreal that she can be so far so young." 

Moved away at age 10

Osmond was born in Marystown, but her family moved to Edmonton when Osmond was 10 years old so Osmond could further her figure-skating training. 

In media interviews, Osmond has often talked about her family and friends in Marystown.

"If you notice, whenever she's having an interview or anything, it's always I'm representing Edmonton but I'm from Marystown, Newfoundland," said Sharon Walsh, Osmond's great-aunt. "She's really proud of her roots."

Family nervous

Some family members admitted it was nerve-wracking watching Osmond perform.

"Oh, I was just wishing it was over because I was just frightened to death, afraid she was going to fall or something," said Joan Power, Osmond's grandmother.

"I could screech right through it, but you got to try to fight that off," Power continued. "But I could cry everytime I looks at her."

Natasha Osmond said her younger sister was under pressure to turn in a top-ten performance, but she felt she could pull it off. 

"Kaetlyn is one of those skaters that the more people are, the louder the crowd, the better she does," said Natasha Osmond.  "She just enjoys and thrives on the crowd more than anything I've ever seen before."

Meanwhile, the town of Marystown has erected several signs around the community which proclaim the town as "home to Kaetlyn Osmond."